The Sun Has Come Out

A & E hugs

Annie and Ezra’s First Birthday


Your arrival was anticipated

With great hope and promise.

There were never two babies wanted more than you.

You manifested the possibility that good things can happen to good people.

Your birth reaffirmed that the Universe can provide

If only we can continue to trust.


You didn’t come without trauma.

You were snatched from the womb

By vigilant and capable Doctors in the nick of time.

Your lives started abruptly and rudely.

You missed the luxury of full term protective custody.

You had to become young warriors – way sooner than anyone wanted.


You fought for your lives, but you knew we were there.

You took your unfair share of blows and intrusions, but you emerged whole.

You learned that life is worth fighting for and that everyday can be a battle.

You learned that the road is ever wide and the rain keeps falling, but there are people who love and care for you and will help you cross the road.

You learned that there are capable, compassionate people in the world

who give life meaning.

You learned that if pain doesn’t kill you, it can make you better.

You felt the light, warmth, and love of a village


Your village was large and diverse.

Congregations from multiple faiths prayed for you.

Healers around the world sent positive energy to you.

Wise friends from all walks of life sent generous counsel to help all of us

navigate the morass of modern medical care.

Caring friends came to visit and to be beautifully present.

Your parents remained ever vigilant and advocated on your behalf.

Your grandparents held you tightly in their hearts and gently in their arms.

We all sang for you to grow, grow, grow.


While incubated and intubated, you began to show signs of who you were.

You were made of sugar and fire in different proportions.

You waited patiently and impatiently to be free –

And how you longed to be free!

You pulled off your hats.

You pulled out your tubes.

You loved your baths – naked and untethered.

You showed signs of life

And you grew.

You took your Mother’s milk

And you grew.

You snuggled skin to skin

And you grew.

You learned to suck and breathe

And you grew.

You learned you were loved beyond measure

And you grew.


After 105 days, you came home.

No more bells and whistles.

No more pokes and prods.

No more nights without Mom and Dad.

You had your beds, your baths,

and you were beyond all hopes and dreams.


You have delighted us

With your joy and happiness.

You have endeared us

With your courage and curiosity.

You have amazed us

With your energy and growth.

You have moved us

With your laughter and smiles.


As you celebrate your first birthday

This is what you need to know:

You were anticipated by a longing

Deeper than you can imagine.

You are loved by a community

broader than you can imagine.

You have brought a light to our lives

Brighter than you can imagine.

You have lifted our spirits

Higher than you can imagine.


The sun has come out Annie and Ezra

And you are two brightly shining stars

Who will help illuminate the Universe.

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Mafe Rodriguez
Mafe Rodriguez

Beautiful words!
Thank you for share.


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