Photo of Traverse City sunset by Rick Bellingham
Traverse City sunset; photo by Rick Bellingham

Strength is working through, not walking over

It means confronting pain, dealing with sadness, living with fear


Strength is expressing feelings, not repressing them

It means shedding tears, breaking down, getting it back together


Strength is opening up, not closing down

It means being vulnerable, sharing fears, seeking connections


Strength is looking in, not looking out

It means finding a place inside that nourishes the soul


Strength is being grateful for what’s present, not bitter for what’s missing

It means finding peace in those we love and the memories we cherish


Strength is believing in possibilities, not promises

It means focusing on what can happen under certain conditions, not what will happen because we wish it.


Strength is having doubts, not delusions

It means raising questions, being skeptical, doing the research


Strength is not seeing yourself as a victim when you have been victimized

It means refusing to let tragedy defeat you no matter how unfair life may be


Strength is not being loudly bitter, it’s getting quietly better

It means embracing the truth, not idealizing a fantasy


Strength does not come from simplistic platitudes or easy reassurances

It comes from doing the work, fighting the fight, and making the effort


Building strength is a complex and complicated process

It results in refreshing honesty, courageous confrontation, boundary-free love


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