Randomness is.
We can’t control the events that happen in life.
We can find meaning in what’s not meant to be.

There is not always a reason.
External causes bombard us from multiple sources.
We can only look inward for our own truth.

External forces pull us out.
There are always compelling reasons to get caught in the flow.
We can only shift our attention inward.

Yosemite National Park, by Erol Ahmed
Yosemite National Park, by Erol Ahmed

Internal forces keep us down.
We can’t break free from our psychological and biological gravity
We can only seek connections to our higher selves.

Quality changes at each level.
We can’t measure real success with quantitative measures.
We can only view progress as inner evolution.

Attitude changes everything.
Self-love, self-pity, and feelings of superiority are constant lures.
We can only observe them and laugh at their frivolity.

We are only here to grow.
We can’t measure growth as moving up conventional ladders.
We can only increase our conviction to what’s important.

R and B juanu pichu

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