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Rick BellinghamDr. Richard (Rick) Bellingham, Ed.D., is an organizational psychologist who has spent the last 40 years creating healthy, innovative, and productive work environments in over 200 organizations worldwide. The purpose of his work is to re-examine, redefine, and reform how we look at the meaning of community, leadership, and wellness in corporate culture.

Rick has practiced qigong for 20 years and has studied in China with Chi-Lel/Zhineng Qigong master Luke Chan. He has been reading esoteric literature his whole life and began writing this blog to share some key insights on topics like spiritual wellness, leadership development, and culture change. Rick has been married for 47 years, has two children, two grandchildren, and splits his time between San Diego and Traverse City.

Dr. Bellingham has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed publications, and has written 16 books on spiritual development, leadership development, culture change, organizational health, wellness, and parenting, including the following titles:

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Sarah Bennison

I am so enjoying your blog and reading about all of your insights and accomplishments! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Artie Egendorf
Dear Rick, I cheer you, your posts, your astounding life long achievements, and now this latest post: “Creating Organizational Soul,” sharpens a question I’ve had since the beginning: “How best to guide and encourage you from the pinnacle you’ve reached to have the most impact now possible for your next, world changing contribution?” I’ve heard you list your “passion projects,” all wonderful. I applaud all that too. But you are a national treasure, as is clear from the brief account you give in this post of a few wide ranging, in the trenches experiences in your long, “been there, done… Read more »