The Consciousness Solution

“You can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Over the course of human history there have been on-going discussions from a variety of sources (religious, social, political, etc.) about how nice it would be if our global civilization could be more compassionate, empathic, loving, harmonious, interdependent and enlightened. 

Many of these pleas were aimed at reducing lawlessness, preventing wars and saving our souls.  While those arguments and reasons for a more compassionate civilization are still compelling and valid, it is no longer just a “nice thing to do.” 

Creating a new platform for civilization is now a requirement for our survival. 

We need to elevate our dominant processing modes from physical security and tribal compliance to empathic love, harmonious inclusion, and enlightened service.  This should have been taught in Sanity 101 decades ago, but it’s not too late.  Thus the need for the consciousness solution.

What is it?  The state of being conscious; an acute awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and intentions.  Collectively, consciousness refers to the thoughts and feelings of an aggregate of people, e.g. the moral consciousness of a group, organization, or nation.  Consciousness is a loosely defined concept that addresses the human awareness of both internal and external stimuli. This can refer to spiritual recognition, psychological understanding, medically altered states, or more modern-day concepts of life purpose, satisfaction, and self-actualization.

What does it do?  Heightened consciousness increases the full activity of the mind and senses; it awakens the body, mind and spirit; it makes one more aware of awareness.  It enables us to bring more of all of ourselves to each moment.

Why is it important?  Consciousness increases internal and external knowledge and the sense of what’s right and wrong; it elevates perspective, quickens development and sharpens the sense of justice; it broadens and deepens the view of our lives and our role in the universe; it contributes to peaceful co-existence.

How does it work?  Most theories map consciousness into a series of levels, some stages of which are more continuous or complex than others. Movement between stages is often bidirectional depending on internal and external conditions, with each mental ascension precipitating a change in reactivity. In the most basic sense, this alteration might lead to a reduced responsiveness as seen in anesthesiology; more abstract facets of tiered consciousness describe characteristics of insight, perception, or understanding.  There are multiple ways to increase levels of consciousness, the most common of which are meditation, yoga, qigong, Energy’s Way, and the science of possibilities.

Title: Orbits / Quadrature (DE) | Credit: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair
“The audiovisual performance “Orbits” by the artist’s collective Quadrature (DE) transcribes the inaudible paths of all men-made objects in space passing over our heads into abstract but familiar sounds and projections.” | Title: Orbits / Quadrature (DE) | Credit: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair | Source: Ars Electronica | License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Based on an extensive review of the research in consciousness, I developed the following scale:

7:         Enlightened Service (giving spirit: transcendent and universal, wholistic reality, spontaneous expression, at one, super awake and aware of being aware)

6:         Harmonious Inclusion (sharing heart: unified, at peace, interdependent, awake and aware)

5:         Empathic love (caring heart: psychological affiliation, in touch, tune, collaborative)

4:         Logical thinking (analytical mind: achievement oriented, calculated, independent)

3:         Tribal compliance (conforming mind: religious, political, or social, competitive)

2:         Physical security (controlling mind:  naïve and mythological, imposed)

1:         Survival instinct (fighting mind: reactive and ego-centric, unconscious, dependent, asleep, unaware)

 At level one, Survival Instinct, we are essentially reactive, ego-centric, asleep, unconscious, and dependent on others.  If you see the world through the lens of level 1 consciousness, then everyone looks like the enemy.  The implications of seeing and being in the world at this level of consciousness are that there is more likelihood to get embroiled in fighting wars.   Trying to convince someone with selfish interests and a survival mentality that their behaviors are limiting and ultimately self defeating is like trying to persuade cave dwellers to enjoy a little sunshine.  Saudi Arabia and North Korea are examples of nations whose collective consciousness could be characterized as level one.

At level two, Physical Security, we are essentially acquisitive, controlling,  and possessive.  We engage in mindless accumulation.  The world is viewed in terms of safety and control.  If you see the world through the lens of level 2 consciousness, then everything looks like an opportunity or threat to your personal needs.  At this level, we are more likely to impose our beliefs, values, and points of view on others and may even have a mythological view of the world, i.e. imaginary or assigning truth to fiction.   The implication of seeing and being in the world at this level of consciousness is that there is essentially a state of denial.  People at this level ignore or deny overwhelming evidence of scientific discoveries, inequalities, global warming trends, etc.  Also, the primary goal of life is acquisition of endless material comforts that reinforce the illusion of safety and control.  Pakistan and Afghanistan are examples of nations whose collective consciousness could be characterized as level two.

At level three, Tribal Compliance, we are essentially competitive.  The world is viewed through rigid political or religious dogma.  Conformity to rules, regulations, rituals, norms, values, and beliefs is the driving force for how people think, relate, and plan.  At this level, there is a competitive spirit that motivates people to demonstrate superiority or exclusivity.  If you see the world through the lens of level 3 consciousness, then everything looks like evidence to support your beliefs independent of truth or rigorous research.  The implications of being in the world at this level of consciousness are that there is constant conflict, special interests compete for resources,  and there is a cavalier willingness to satisfy individual or group needs at the expense of the environment.  These implications lead to a feeling of exceptionalism or the belief that special rules apply because of unique moral authority or righteous values.  The United States and China are examples of nations whose collective consciousness could be characterized as level three.  Clearly, in the year 2014, the “United” States is totally divided into political and religious camps whose primary purpose is to undermine and defeat the other side.  China belongs here as well for different reasons.  China insists on conformity to rules and they are motivated to demonstrate their superiority.  They are also guilty of serious human rights violations and exploitative behavior.

At level four, Logical Thinking, we are intellectually oriented.  The world is organized through rational, factual, logical, analytic methodology.  Even though there is a strong achievement orientation, most decisions are calculated for independent gain or positioning.  If you see the world through the lens of level 4 consciousness, then everything looks like a problem to be solved with estimations of probability based on external, objective data.  The implications for seeing and being in the world at this level of consciousness are that there is an openness to constructive intellectual debate.   Many countries in the European Union can be characterized as level four

At level 5, Empathic Love, we are essentially caring and collaborative.  The world is experienced as possibilities for affiliation and connection.  There is a genuine desire to be touch with and in tune with others.  If you see the world through the lens of level 5 consciousness, then relationships are viewed as dilemmas to be managed in nuanced and layered ways.  The implications for seeing and being in the world at this level of consciousness are that dialogue tends to be open, honest, and direct with both thoughts and feelings taken into account. Many of the Scandanavian countries could be characterized as level five.

At level 6, Harmonious Inclusion, the world is experienced as a complex inter-play of interdependent possibilities in which people looking for ways to share.  People are unified, at peace, awake, and aware.  If you see the world through the lens of level 6 consciousness, then everyone is nested in their unique organizational and cultural context.  History and context and taken into account in each person’s life.  The implications for seeing and being in the world at this level of consciousness are that there would be world peace, universal health care,  ubiquitous prosperity, and a healthy environment.  There would be very little inequality and pollution.  Unfortunately, there are few individuals and no current examples of countries with this level of consciousness.  Clearly the world is suffering from poverty, pollution, preventable disease, inequality and ignorance.  Historically, the approach to these problems has been to chase the symptoms without changing our level of consciousness.  As a result, we are spiraling ever more deeply into a sinkhole.  The only way out is to change the lens through which we perceive the world so that our elevated perspective enables us to diagnose problems and generate solutions that actually work.

At level 7, Enlightened Service, we are essentially cosmic. The world is viewed through a lens of transcendent possibilities. People see reality wholistically and engage in spontaneous expression.  The world is populated with super-awake, super aware people who are at one with the universe and want to give back to the world. Since the universe is their Home, people live in peace, practice high level wellness,  and continuously generate new ideas that provide increased opportunities and prosperity for everyone. We are a long way from that idealized vision of what’s possible, but a change in consciousness can help us to move in that direction.


Elevating consciousness requires a change in focus. We need to focus more on the universe, in which the earth represents an infinitesimal dot, and less on our planet as the center of the universe. This shift demands a change in perspective.

We need to focus more on the power of energy and less on the force of matter which represents less than 1% of all space.  This shift demands a change in awareness.

We need to focus more on our nothingness and less on the “things” that drive our life. This shift demands a change in orientation.

We need to focus more on our future potential and less on current and past reality. This shift demands a change in thinking from cause and effect to “causing an effect” by raising our level of consciousness. The energy of infinite possibilities is shaped by consciousness.  In short, we are a consciousness that is using body and brain for better or for worse.   We need to be grateful for possibilities that all these shifts create and be dedicated to making them happen.

In my book, The Consciousness Solution, I start with a brief history and overview of consciousness. I then discuss the applications and implications of an elevated consciousness as well as the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual strategies for achieving higher states of being and levels of consciousness. I share my personal experiences in consciousness raising and provide an example of how technology could accelerate the process. I conclude with a glimpse of the contributions one person has made to elevating consciousness by creating a new platform for civilization built upon the science of possibilities and systems for new capital development.

In the book, I take the reader on a journey from abstract notions of consciousness created in the past to concrete possibilities generated for the future if, and only if, we can raise our level of consciousness. If you would like a copy of the book, please e-mail me and I will send you a free electronic copy.

In conclusion, I believe that if we continue to reinforce levels of consciousness mired in survival instincts, individual security, and tribal instincts, the future of the planet is dim. If, on the other hand, if we  provide bridges to higher levels of consciousness, then the future is bright.  May we choose the latter.




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